Review Policy

Kind of Books, that I like

I like to read certain genres, but if the book catches my interested, I would read it.


Mystery, Suspense, Detectives ( all types) Thriller (done right)

Romance ( mainly all types)



I prefer the books be in e-book. Can read Kindle (mobi) or Nook (epud). Do not mind getting the real thing, but I would like to save the Author, some money from having to mail out the book.

I will try to read your book, within 2 weeks; Depends, on how tall is my stack, to read. Normally, would have the book, read within a couple of days, if it catches me.

Do not care much for short stories; Due, to I get interest in it, then bam, the book is over with.

Sites that I post on:



Powell’s Goodreads LibraryThing Shelfari Twitter Facebook

If you like me to post on another site, just let me know.

If you like me to review your books, just sent me to  email:; Or fill out the form below.

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